Specializing in events held in private residences, there are many beautiful homes and properties in the Sierra Foothills.  


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Some of our favorite events over the years.......

Clients are delighted with our "Day of" package. It includes planning meetings, time-line development for rehearsal, ceremony and reception and full onsite management on the day of the event.

Complete service wedding styling, design, detailed planning, contract management, and complete coordination of the event. Most appreciated by our 'out of town' clients.

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Trusted and respected by the of the best of the best service providers in the area.  Caterers, Florists, Photographers etc..


Not just weddings...really any  significant anniversary, themed parties, holiday celebrations and business celebrations all benefit from our services.  We know parties!

Alex Manuel &Alexandra Yamine

"I trust you to handle anything"


One of our absolute favorite couples, we referred to this wedding as the "Alex Alex" wedding, it was a wonderful event, here are their kind words: "Dyane and Jeff, you two are the 'best' really. You are both so professional and also very enjoyable to interact with. You completely put me at ease, because I trust you to handle anything. Thank you"

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In 2010  Jeff and Dyane Albrecht started their Event Planning business while working at a local winery in the Sierra Foothills.  They worked together planning and managing several large events at the winery while building their business. Soon they had to make a choice, there are only so many weekends!  They left the winery to focus on providing their services to clients at a wide range of venues.  They are both seasoned professionals and together strive to provide exceptional service for a fair price.